For over 20 years EverClear Water Systems, LLC (EWS) has been in the business of providing high quality services to most of the "food/grocery" chains throughout Arizona and today our mission continues to be providing high quality, cost effective solutions in three related fields of:

*Chemical and non-chemical water treatment programs and service contracts

*Cooling tower operation and renovation 

*Cooling Tower Maintenance

EWS has set itself apart from our competitors by our guarantee of excellence. As well, our focus on integrity, craftsmanship, and environmental responsibility makes a difference. The corporate office is located in Phoenix Arizona while servicing clients from coast to coast.

cooling  tower  tubes  &  Shell

The Main Condenser Tube & Shell in this unit typically needed cleaning after a long run (left--before). However, after months of EverClear Water Systems treatment the system remained clean (right--after).